Published On: Wed, May 15th, 2013

Wild visitors from abroad get permanent abode in India

Lucknow: Beyond a certain point even animals refuse to tolerate habitat destruction. This was amply proved when large number of elephants from Nepal crossed over to Indian forest following large-scale clear felling of forest in Nepal. These pachyderm came to India a few years back and made Dudhwa National Park their permanent dwelling .

Elephant herd in Bankey Taal area of Dudhwa National Park

Elephant herd in Bankey Taal area of Dudhwa National Park

Dudhwa National Park is situated on the Indo-Nepal border of Lakhimpur district, Uttar Pradesh. This park, a project tiger area now, was famous for swamp deers and tigers. In early eighties, rhinoceros were introduced into the park as this area was ideal habitat of this species due to abundant marshes and tall grasses.

This being a Terai area, had a large number of water bodies as well as the river Suhali which flows on the southern boundary of the park provides ample water and fodder for the elephants that had migrated from Nepal. These elephants occasionally indulge in crop raiding, mainly sugarcane plantation on the southern border of the park .

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