Published On: Sun, Feb 12th, 2017

Man-eating tiger captured alive in Pilibhit

Pilibhit: A man-eating young tiger that had unleashed a reign of terror in the region for over three months during which it had killed six people, was finally tranquillised and caught alive on Saturday afternoon by the state forest department officials.

After being successfully tranqualised, the unconscious tiger was shifted in a cage

The tiger in question had killed two people in three months with the first incident of human kill reported in November. “After a brief lull, it suddenly turned more aggressive and killed four person in February alone with the last kill reported on Friday night when a 52-years-old factory guard was mauled to death by the feline,” said the forest official who added that the half-eaten body of the guard was later recovered by the locals.

A team of forest official from the state capital, led by Lucknow zoo deputy director Dr Utkarsh Shukla was camping in the area to capture the a man-eater alive.

On receiving information about the Friday’s incident, the forest officials trailed the pug marks of the tiger to a sugarcane field. “Before moving any further, the exact location of the tiger in question was ascertained with the help of a drone,” said the forest official.

He said that once the exact location of the man-eater tiger was ascertained, forest officials closed in on the tiger, riding four elephants. “The moment a clear view of the tiger was available, Dr Shukla made an unsuccessful attempt to tranquillise the animal when the dart missed the tiger. Irked by the presence of humans, the tiger charged and attacked one of the elephants but before it could inflict an injury on the elephant, Dr Shukla fired a tranquillising dart for the second time that was bang on target and within minutes, the dreaded man-eater was immobilised,” said the official.

After being successfully tranquillised, the unconscious tiger was shifted in a cage which was loaded on a truck and was brought to Lucknow Zoo in wee hours on Sunday.

When the tiger was closely examined by Dr Uttkarsh Shukla no apparent deformity or injury could be detected on it. He stated that as the tiger was around three years old its survival in zoo was pretty high.

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