Published On: Thu, Feb 2nd, 2017

Tiger trapped in `iron wire trap’ rescued, in Nainital zoo

Nainital: Alert forest officials of Uttarakhand state managed to successfully rescue an injured tiger trapped in an iron wire trap near an abandoned building in Chandpur Lahera village here on Tuesday.

The tiger in question is an adult feline and is estimated to be around five years old

According to senior forest official, within hours of receiving the information about a tiger being trapped in an iron wire trap, a team of forest department officials equipped with tranquillising gun was rushed to the spot. “Immediately on reaching the site, forest department rescue team successfully tranquillised the wild tiger and transported it to the high altitude Nainital Zoo where the feline has been kept under the observation of the zoo vet who has attended to its wounds,” said the official.

“Poachers set up iron traps on village periphery to catch wild boar and unfortunately the tiger was caught in this trap,” said a local villager.

The tiger in question is an adult feline and is estimated to be around five years old.

“It is of utmost importance that this tiger be treated for its wounds at the earliest and released back in wild because an adult tiger caught from wild do not survive for long in captivity,” said an expert.

He further said that owing to limited space in enclosure, there is lack of exercise which results in muscle atrophy that leads to a feline quickly loosing weight and finally perish in captivity.

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