Published On: Wed, Mar 1st, 2017
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Congress to PM: Apologise for ‘lying’ over Kanpur train tragedy

New Delhi: With Prime Minister Narendra Modi describing the Kanpur train accident “a conspiracy against India” and the DG-Railways (Gopal Gupta) ruling out any sabotage, the Congress on Wednesday demanded an apology from the PM over contradictory statements.

The party also said that it erodes the Prime Minister’s credibility

The party also said that it erodes the Prime Minister’s credibility.

Gopal Gupta, DG-Railways, Uttar Pradesh Police, ruled out any sabotage during a video-conference organised by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu.

“During an election rally in Gonda, Modiji alluded to the tragic Kanpur train accident in which 154 innocent lives were lost and described it as an ‘act of terror’. He said the accident was a conspiracy against India.

“However, DG-Railways told the Railway Minister and other authorities that ‘there was no sabotage’,” said Congress leader Manpreet Singh Badal.

“It has exposed a dangerous game being played by PM Modi and BJP in UP elections. Can the Prime Minister of the country mischievously deceive the nation on such a sensitive issue and weave stories in a public speech?” said Badal.

Badal further said: “It is an election offence. If Modi evokes ‘false’ stories on terrorism based on fear psychosis and misrepresentation of facts aimed at garnering votes, it clearly erodes the credibility and trust of Modiji’s words.”

If this was true, who should be held accountable for this tragedy, he asked.

Badal also said after 26/11, then Home Minister (Shivraj Patil) handed over his resignation the following day.

“When there was a railway tragedy in 1960s, Lal Bahadur Shastri handed over his resignation. But, there is no accountability for this accident,” said Badal.

“DG-Railways has ruled out any terrorist activities as a cause for this accident. What led the PM to claim that this accident was a terrorist act? The PM must apologise to the people,” he added.

“If the BJP wants to govern and PM wants to lead the nation, then they should stop lying to the people,” Badal said.

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