Published On: Sun, Mar 12th, 2017

Prime Minister Modi calls upon people for a ‘New India’ by 2022

New Delhi: Observing that the results of the recent assembly polls were food for thought for experts, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday envisioned a “New India” that looks to contribute and not just to take.

We want 1.25 crore Indians collectively striving to make New India

A day after BJP secured a historic mandate in the assembly polls, Modi undertook a victory march from Le Meridien hotel to the nearby party headquarters on Ashoka Road, thanking the people and party workers.

“There are many reasons for winning an election but the massive voting that led to this massive win has become food for thought for political pundits,” Modi said addressing party workers.

“I have been seeing opinions of political pundits and media reports. We have seen emotional issues dominating elections. No party has won elections only on development agenda and without an emotional issue. But we have done that,” he said.

Asserting that he was never bound by electoral motives, Modi called upon the people of the country to strive towards creating a “New India” by 2022.

“I have seen the deluge of poll-centric dreams, I envision a new India. We want 1.25 crore Indians collectively striving to make New India.

“We respect and accept the work done by all Prime Ministers and Chief Ministers. In 2022 when we will celebrate 75 years India, we want to have a new India. An India of the dreams of the youth, of empowered women and their dreams. A new India that looks to contribute and not just to take. The India that seeks opportunities to grow.

“We have five years and if all Indians pledge their commitment, then India can never lag back,” he said, adding the results of the assembly polls have boosted the country’s aspirations.

He also asserted that he would seek to relieve the “most burdened” middle-class.

“The middle class is the most burdened section, burdened of tax, societal norms… This burden needs to go and that will happen once the poor are empowered to shoulder their own burdens.

“And today’s poor do not look for doles, they want opportunities to utilise their hard work. The strength of the poor and the aspirations of the middle class can take India to new heights,” he said.

He also said BJP was having its golden period that didn’t suddenly come but was a result of four generations of toil and sweat.

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