Published On: Thu, Mar 9th, 2017

UP exit polls: India Today-Axis projects huge majority for BJP

New Delhi: Even though most exit polls predict huge gains for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh,  the prospect of a hung Assembly stares at the state.

VMR’s exit poll predicts as many as 200 seats for the BJP

However, the India Today-Axis has predicted a huge victory for the BJP at the hustings in Uttar Pradesh.

The India Today-Axis exit polls has predicted a massive victory for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh where it has been projected to win between 251-279 seats. The SP-Congress alliance is projected to win between 88-112 and BSP ending up with a poor third with a prediction of 28-42 seats. Other getting between 6 and 16 seats.

Times Now’s exit poll gives the BJP a sharp edge over its rivals by projecting its win between 190 and 210 seats in Uttar Pradesh. The exit polls expects SP-Congress alliance to win between 110 and 130 seats, while the BSP may get anywhere between 54 and 74 seats.

According to VMR’s exit poll predicts as many as 200 seats for the BJP, 120 for the SP-Congress alliance and 64 for the BSP.

Whereas ABP’s exit poll predicts the BJP will win as many as 185 seats of the 403 Assembly seats. Even though this represents a big gain from 2012, when it won a mere 47 seats, the BJP will still fall 16 seats short of a majority. The Samajwadi Party – Congress alliance is expected to get just 120 seats, down from the 252 seats the SP won in the 2012 Assembly elections. However, the BSP is expected to have performed slightly better than in 2012, winning 90 seats, up from 80 in 2012.

On the other hand, the NewsX-MRC exit poll also projects the BJP will win 185 seats. The SP-Congress alliance is projected to win 120 seats, while the BSP is expected to win 90 seats.

India News’s exit polls project the SP-Congress alliance will get 120 seats, the BJP will win 185 and the BSP 90.

CVoter is a little more conservative, giving the BJP between 155 and 167 seats. It projects the SP-Congress combine will win between 135 and 147 seats, with the BSP grabbing between 81 and 93 seats.

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