Published On: Sun, Apr 30th, 2017

Prime Minister Modi stresses on need for weeding out VIP culture

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday laid stress on the need for weeding out the VIP culture that was deep imbedded in people’s minds and called for giving importance to all Indians.

Modi spoke of climate change and said this could also be a chance to be sensitive

In his monthly radio address “Mann Ki Baat”, Modi said it was time for VIP (very important person) to be replaced with EPI (every person important).

“There is sort of hatred for VIP culture in our country but I realised the hatred was so deep only when the government decided to do away with red beacons on cars of the officials no matter how important he is.”

“The red beacon had become a symbol of VIP culture which has penetrated deeply into our minds. Removing the red beacon is just part of the system but we need to make conscious efforts to weed out this culture from our minds,” Modi said.

“The concept behind the ‘New India’ is that EPI should replace VIP. EPI means every person is important. We should accept the importance of 125 crore Indians. Then we will have the collective power to fulfil our dreams and aspirations,” the Prime Minister said.

Modi spoke of climate change and said this could also be a chance to be sensitive.

He said that climate change is not a subject confined only to the academia and people are facing its ill effects on a daily basis.

“Nature is changing its rules now, the summer heat we used to face in the month of May and June has shifted to March and April… many people who send their suggestions to me point out what should we do amid such heat,” he said.

Speaking of sensitivity, the Prime Minister said that amid the increasing heat we must be sensitive towards people and birds alike.

“Ask for a glass of water for the postman who arrives at your house in the scorching heat to deliver a letter… keep water in balcony for the birds,” Modi said.

Encouraging people to sensitise their children through bird feeders, Modi also pointed out a community’s effort in Gujarat towards sparrow conservation.

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