Published On: Tue, May 9th, 2017
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Personal computer is still core of company’s business: Michael Dell

Las Vegas: At a time when smaller and slicker devices are sweeping the digital market, Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies said personal computers (PC) segment is still at the core of the company’s business and revenue as well as marketshare from it are growing.

It is a $170 billion available space and we are quite well positioned

“Clearly what Dell Technologies has done is just beyond PCs. But PCs are still very important to our customers and to us. Actually for us, the average selling price of PCs are going up and not down. The revenues of the PC business is going up, not down. And our share in PC market is going up as well,” Dell said while interacting with reporters here on Monday.

He was speaking at the Dell-EMC World 2017.

“PC business remains core to our business and our strategy. PC provide a powerful infrastructure for Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).”

When asked is PC business facing tough pricing competition from Asian manufacturers, Dell said the company has gained market share in 17 quarters in a row.

“It is a $170 billion available space and we are quite well positioned.”

Dell said the company will do global roll out of PC-as-a-Service during the ongoing seminar.

Talking about technology adoption by various companies and whether it is a threat to jobs, he said: “I think the main challenge of organisations is that they have to reimagine their business in the context of these new technologies. Certainly every company has to take it step by step and for each industry it is going to be little different in terms of how digital transformation apply to it. But I don’t see any part of the world that is exempted from it.”

“I have the believe that it is technology plus human, rather than technology versus human. All technology enhance human capability and capacity.”

Dell-EMC employs nearly 140,000 people in 180 countries. It has a combined revenue of $74 billion.

Regarding adoption of technology by small businesses Dell said, technology is not an IT function any more. “No matter what size of business you have, you cannot do without technology.”

The company annually invests around $4.5 billion for research and development.

Speaking on a lighter vein, Dell mentioned that he comes from a family where everyone is a doctor. He is the only exception!

“I was supposed to be a doctor! But now we are seeing incredible things in medicine through technology,” he added.

He further said if the last 30 years of IT were exciting, compelling and changed the world, then the next 30 years will be much more interesting.

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