Published On: Sun, Sep 24th, 2017

Don’t see Khadi as cloth but movement: Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday referred to Khadi not as a cloth but a “movement” which should be taken forward as a campaign.

Khadi ashram in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi was defunct for the last 26 years

“I had earlier mentioned that Khadi was not a cloth but a movement which should be taken forward,” Modi said in the 36th edition of his monthly radio programme, “Mann Ki Baat”.

Stating that he has observed a surge in the people’s interest towards Khadi, the Prime Minister said that the sale of the fabric has also increased due to which the employment among poor people has seen a rise.

“We must work towards lighting lamps in the houses of people engaged in the Khadi industry this Diwali.

“The Khadi ashram in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi was defunct for the last 26 years, however, it has now been revived,” Modi added.

He said that his monthly radio programme “Mann Ki Baat” has played an important role in the integration of every section of society and improving the governance by getting nationwide inputs.

“I get so much feedback for ‘Mann Ki Baat’. We have completed the programme’s three years. Naturally, I am not able to refer to all of it but the inputs given help us in the governance.

“It has helped in the integration of every section of society,” Modi said in the programme’s 36th edition.

Modi said that “Mann Ki Baat” was an effective way to showcase the strengths of India.

“I get a treasure of information through email, the Narendra Modi app, phone and many others through which I get to know about what’s happening in the country.

“I am thankful to the citizens for sharing their important inputs,” the Prime Minister added.


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