Published On: Wed, Nov 29th, 2017

Google finally serves proper cheeseburger in Android 8.1

San Francisco: Giving cheese its rightful place in a burger, Google has served it in the correct order in the emoji in the latest Android 8.1 OS update.

It looks exactly like Android’s burger emoji

As reported by The Verge on Wednesday, the new OS will ship with a new and improved cheeseburger emoji in which the cheese is placed atop the patty, as opposed to underneath it.

Emojipedia first spotted the fix.

After an intense debate on the social media over the placement of cheese in Android’s and Apple’s burger emojis — which was joined by India-born Google CEO — the tech giant served “Android burgers’ to its employees earlier this month at its Seattle office.

The key difference between this burger and any other is that the slice of cheese is placed beneath the patty and atop the lower bun.

It looks exactly like Android’s burger emoji, which sparked heated controversy earlier this month over the correct ingredient order of America’s beloved staple.

The debate started when Thomas Baekdal, a writer and media analyst, tweeted on the placement of cheese in Android and Apple burger emojis.

Reacting to this, Pichai tweeted, promising to “drop everything” and address the issue if people on the platform agree on what the correct placement of ingredient should be.

There are still some variations in emoji cheeseburgers.

Samsung layers the sandwich as tomato, cheese, lettuce and then the patty, whereas Apple depicts its emoji as having tomato, cheese, patty, and then lettuce.

“Google, with its lettuce on top, seems to be on the right track here,” the report said.

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