Published On: Fri, Nov 17th, 2017

Woman with anti-Trump sticker on truck arrested

Washington: The driver of a pickup truck featuring an expletive-filled message to US President Donald Trump has been arrested — over an outstanding warrant.

Karen Fonseca was booked into Fort Bend county jail

Karen Fonseca was booked into Fort Bend county jail on Thursday after sheriffs discovered she had an outstanding warrant for fraud from August, the Daily Mail reported.

She remained in the prison overnight with bond set at $1,500.

Sheriff Troy E Nehls had initially put out an appeal to find Fonseca with the idea of issuing her a citation for disorderly conduct over the offensive message.

But he later backed away from the idea after the district attorney warned the case would not meet the standard required to prosecute and the American Civil Liberties Union stepped in to say the sign was constitutionally protected.

Nehls also received a personal backlash over the suggestion, with an assistant saying he had been sent threats against him and his family.

Fonseca had said she would not remove the decal. She said she had been stopped by law officers but that they have no grounds to issue a citation.

“It’s not to cause hate or animosity,” the 46-year-old Fonseca told the Houston Chronicle. “It’s just our freedom of speech and we’re exercising it. We wanted our statement out there. That’s our opinion on him.”

The decal went viral several times, she said, and she got plenty of feedback on the road. Fonseca said she received some negative reactions, particularly among older white men, but most people laughed, told her stories or asked where to buy it.

“I’m not going to remove it because I know I’m not violating any laws or rules,” she said.

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