Published On: Sun, Apr 8th, 2018

Israel bans entry of car tires into Gaza after massive tire-burning

Gaza: Israel has decided to ban the entry of car tires into the Gaza Strip through the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing, a Palestinian official said on Saturday.

Fattouh was not notified whether the Israeli decision is permanent or temporary

The Israeli decision comes one day after Palestinian protesters set fire to hundreds of car tires on Friday near the fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel during the mass protests along the border, reports Xinhua.

The smoke of burnt tires was meant to block the vision of the Israeli snipers stationed behind the fence, as dozens of protesters have been killed.

“The Israeli authorities have told have notified us they will prevent the entry of four truckloads of rubber tires to Gaza traders tomorrow through the crossing,” Gaza border official Raed Fattouh said.

Fattouh was not notified whether the Israeli decision is permanent or temporary.

The rally, known as the “Great March of Return,” is considered Gaza’s largest mass protest in the history of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as tens of thousands of Palestinians gather near the Gaza-Israel border on a daily basis.

The march is expected to peak on May 15, when Palestinians mark the Nakba Day, the day of their catastrophe, which coincides Israel’s 70th Independence Day.

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