Published On: Fri, Apr 6th, 2018

Opposition turning increasingly violent against BJP: Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said the opposition was turning “increasingly” violent against the BJP due the party’s rising strength and the prominence people from the backward castes had got in the country.

In four years of rule, BJP has worked tirelessly for welfare of Dalits, under-privileged

“In four years of rule, BJP has worked tirelessly for welfare of Dalits, under-privileged, illiterates. Nowadays, opposition to the BJP is growing sharp. They (opposition parties) are turning increasingly violent against the BJP.

“They cannot accept the fact that people from the backward castes can also occupy top positions in the country,” Modi said while interacting with the BJP workers on the 38th foundation day of the party.

His comments come in the wake of recent violent protest during Bharat Bandh against dilution of stringent provisions of anti-atrocities Act, which left 11 dead.

Modi said the opposition parties were vitiating atmosphere against the BJP since they could not come to terms that many MPs and MLAs in the party were from the backward castes.

“They cannot accept the fact that the BJP which was once recognised as a party of Brahmins and Baniyas chose a Dalit as President of the country when got the opportunity,” he said

Modi used digital application — NarendraModi App — for the interaction, during which he appealed the party workers to refrain from losing temper and using offensive language.

He said the technology be used for empowerment of people but asked the party workers to be active on social media to check circulation of fake content and rumours.

“In the era of social media and communication, if we remain inactive, those anti-national, anti-social, selfish, wrong-doers will occupy that space. So it is out national duty not to cede this space to them,” he said.

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