Published On: Mon, Nov 26th, 2018

India will never forget 26/11 attack; Waiting for the appropriate time: Modi

Bhilwada (Rajasthan): Invoking the 2008 terror attacks on Mumbai, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday criticised the Congress for teaching “patriotism” to opposition parties then, and now asking the NDA government to provide proof for the 2016 surgical strikes.

Will the armed forces take cameras in their hand during such operations

Addressing a public meeting here, he said India will never forget the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks and their perpetrators and was “waiting for the appropriate time” as law would take its course.

“Today is November 26…when there was a Madam rule in Delhi through remote control, when there was Congress government in Maharashtra. There were Congress governments at the Centre and in Maharashtra and 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai… terrorists killed people and security forces of our country.

“It is 10 years of that attack. I can still remember when the terror attacks happened in Mumbai, election campaign was going on in Rajasthan.”

Modi said that the Congress leaders then used to accuse the leaders of other parties of doing politics when they condemned the attacks.

“What they (Congress leaders) said then, I still remember. They said it is a war, Pakistan has attacked India. And these people are doing politics. At this time one need to strengthen the hands of the Centre and there should be no politics on the terror attacks. They used to preach this,” he said.

The Prime Minister accused the Congress of attempting to use the 26/11 Mumbai attack to win elections in Rajasthan and attacked the party for questioning the 2016 surgical strike carried out by the Indian Armed forces across the border.

“I want to ask them and Congress that 10-years ago such a big terror attack happened, whole world was shocked and Congress was playing a trick to win the elections from that,” he said.

“The same Congress at that time used to preach patriotism. And when our country’s forces did surgical strike in Pakistan, when they took revenge, showed their valour and gave a befitting reply to the enemies in their home, in such a crucial time, Congress asked for the evidence and demanded to show the video of the surgical strike,” he said.

“Will the armed forces take cameras in their hand during such operations. At that time they did not remember patriotism,” he said.

Modi also said that during his four years of rule, terror attacks have been restricted to Jammu and Kashmir.

“Remember those times when terror attacks took place across the country. We have fought against terrorism in such a way that they are unable to move out of Kashmir as they see their death,” he said.

He also issued a veiled warning to India’s detractors.

“India will never forget 26/11 attack nor forget the perpetrators. We are waiting for the appropriate time….” he said with a pause without elaborating as the crowd cheered him.

“Law will take its course. I want to assure the country,” he said.

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