Published On: Wed, Feb 26th, 2020

Anti-CAA stir like church attacks ahead of Obama visit: Sambit Patra

Panaji: The anti-CAA protests in the national capital were intended to “blackmail the government” by the Opposition around US President Donald Trump’s visit to India, BJP national spokesperson Sambit Patra said on Wednesday, adding that the situation was “normal” in Delhi.

They want to blackmail the government. They want the government should bend down

Speaking during a civil society interaction in Panaji, Patra said that efforts were on to create a chaotic atmosphere in the country, just like the controversy surrounding the attacks on churches ahead of former US President Barack Obama’s visit in 2015.

“They want to blackmail the government. They want the government should bend down. I am not saying anything provocative. The government has said repeatedly, that it (CAA) is an act to give rights, not take rights. All the controversial issues which no one wanted to touch with tongs earlier, we have in one year, taken such big decisions in controversial matters,” Patra said.

“You think the Opposition will sit silent? They will use everything in their power to destabilise this government, this country,” he added.

Patra drew comparisons between the anti-CAA stir and the spate of attacks on churches ahead of Obama’s visit in 2015 and added that some media persons were actually waiting for Trump to censure Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of the CAA.

“When Obama came, such an atmosphere was created that a church was attacked by the BJP. Opposition had created this atmosphere. Obama had replied that tolerance should be respected. When Trump came, some people wanted to create the same atmosphere through the CAA protests. You should never show the country in a bad light,” Patra said.

“They (some media persons) felt Trump will speak against Modi. Look at the maturity (with which) Trump handled… Many faces fell and frowned and murjhagaye (drooped),” Patra said, paraphrasing Trump’s comment that the CAA protests were India’s internal matter.

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