Published On: Sun, Mar 22nd, 2020

Follow lockdown instructions, Prime Minister Modi appeals to people

New Delhi: After a successful ‘Janata Curfew’ call, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday appealed to people to follow “lockdown” instructions issued to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Modi expressed his views in a series of tweets after 11 hours of the Janata Curfew

Urging people not to leave homes unless it is very important, he warned that the end of Sunday’s Janata Curfew at 9 pm is not a celebratory occasion but only one victory in a long battle.

Modi expressed his views in a series of tweets after 11 hours of the Janata Curfew beginning at 7 am on Sunday.

“Follow the instructions being issued by the central government and the state governments. In districts and states where the lockdown is announced, do not leave the house at all. Apart from this, do not get out of their houses unless it is very necessary in the rest,” Modi tweeted.

“Today’s Janta Curfew may end at 9 pm, but that doesn’t mean we should start celebrating. Do not consider it a success. This is the beginning of a long fight. Today, the countrymen have told that we are capable, if we decide, we can beat the biggest challenge together.”

The Prime Minister, in an address to the nation on Thursday had appealed to the people across the country to enforce Janata Curfew between 7 am to 9 pm on Sunday in view of spread of coronavirus that has left 13,049 deaths across the globe and over 3.7 lakh affected people. At least seven deaths have been reported from India and the number of confirmed cases is 360.

In his address, the Prime Minister had also called upon the people to clap or beat utensils for five minutes at 5 pm on Sunday to thank people including sanitation employees, medical professionals, delivery boys, those deputed at train, airports and transportation department and many more who are serving people without caring for their own comfort and safety to contain the spread of novel coronavirus or COVID-19.

Appreciating people’s support to his Janata Curfew call and an action of praise to thank sanitisation employees and others working round the clock in the country to contain the spread of deadly coronavirus disease, the Prime Minister said: “It is the sound of thanks, but also the beginning of victory in a long battle.

“Let us, with this determination, tie ourselves in social distancing for a long battle with this restraint.”

Using the hashtag Janata Curfew, the Prime Minister said: “The country thanked each person who led the fight against the coronavirus. Many thanks to the countrymen … #JantaCurfew.”

The Prime Minister’s latest appeal came after a decision was taken by the government that only essential services will be allowed in 80 districts across 22 states and Union Territories in India against the backdrop of spread of COVID-19 cases.

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