Published On: Mon, Jan 4th, 2021

New coin to mark UK Queen’s 95th b’day

London: The UK’s Royal Mint has announced that it will commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s 95th birthday with a new 5 pound coin, the media reported.

Queen Elizabeth II will become the first UK monarch to turn 95-years-old

On April 21, Queen Elizabeth II will become the first UK monarch to turn 95-years-old, the BBC reported.

In a statement, the Royal Mint said the commemorative coin will depict the royal cypher “EIIR”, above the words “my heart and my devotion”, in reference to a part of her first-ever televised Christmas broadcast in 1957.

“EIIR” stands for “Elizabeth II Regina”.

The 2021 coin collection will also mark the 250th birth anniversary of novelist Walter Scott, and the 75th death anniversary of author HG Wells.

Scott, who wrote the novels “Waverley”, “Rob Roy” and “Ivanhoe” and is considered as one of Scotland’s most famous figures, will be celebrated with a 2 pound coin.

Meanwhile, Wells, who wrote “The Time Machine” and “The War Of The Worlds”, will be commemorated also on a 2 pound coin, with a depiction of images from the two novels.

Meanwhile, the 75th death anniversary of inventor John Logie Baird, famous for his early prototypes of the television, will be commemorated on another new 50 pound coin.

In the statement, Clare Maclennan, of the consumer division at the Royal Mint, said that this year’s commemorative coins marked “some of the biggest anniversaries in 2021”, with each coin “a miniature work of art” designed as “a treasured keepsake or gift”.

The coin set will be available to purchase on the Royal Mint website.

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