Published On: Tue, Feb 8th, 2022

Biggest threat to India is from dynastic political parties: PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday came down heavily on the Congress saying that it could never think beyond its “dynasty”, while praising NCP leader Sharad Pawar and TMC for attending the all-party meeting on Covid-19.

This is what Congress did to Goa. People of Goa will never forget it

Replying to motion of thanks on President’s address in the Rajya Sabha, PM Modi said that the problem with the Congress is that they do not think beyond the dynasty. “The biggest threat to India is from dynastic political parties and when a family is supreme in a party, the first casualty is talent. For years, the country has suffered owing to it. I expect all political parties to follow democracy in their working also and the Congress should take a lead on this.”

He said that during the all-party meet convened to review the Covid pandemic situation, the NCP and TMC turned up but not the Congress.

Modi went to say that he wants to express his “gratitude” to Sharad Pawar who attended the meeting despite the Congress boycotting it.

While praising the NCP supremo, the Prime Minister tried to divide the Opposition and isolate the Congress as the former is part of the government in Maharashtra.

Without taking names, he said that some people need introspection as doing politics during the pandemic and trying to convince others to skip the meeting is incorrect.

He said that the problem with the Congress is they cannot think beyond the dynasty.

“It has to be accepted that biggest threat to democracy of the country is the dynastic parties and when a family is the considered supreme in any party, then the talent is the first casuality.” he said.

Prime Minister said that the Congress Party had “throttled” democracy in 1975 and is now teaching the lesson of democracy to the BJP.

Modi said contrary to Leader of Opposition Mallikarjun Kharge’s claim that the Congress laid the foundation of the country and the BJP only hoisted its flag on it, the grand old party had in reality “throttled” democracy in 1975.

Holding the Congress’ mindset that ‘India is Indira and Indira is India’ responsible for these debacles, he said: “What would have happened if Congress was not there? This was Mahatma Gandhi’s wish too.”

Taking a jibe at the party , he said, “Had Congress ceased to be as per Mahatma Gandhi’s wish, democracy would have been free from dynastic influence, there would not have been any foreign influence, emergency, no caste and regional divide. Had Congress not been there, then Sikh’s massacre would not have happened and Punjab would not have burnt in flames of terrorism for years, there would not have been exodus of Kashmiri Pandits and the daughters would not have been burnt in the tandoor.”

His remarks evoked a sharp response from the Congress with the LoP objecting to it strongly stating that Modi should have spoken only on the President’s speech.

At this, Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu intervened and said: “Kharge ji, you all had also spoken like this.”

The Congress members rushed to the well of the House and kept on protesting. After a while, they staged a walk-out.

Modi went on to say that the Congress has a problem with the word ‘nation’ as well. “If ‘nation’ is unconstitutional, then why is your party’s name Indian National Congress?. Change it to Federation of Congress. Correct the mistakes done by your predecessors.” he added.

After stating how Congress had doubted the country’s ability to deliver on vaccination for all, welfare measures for the poor by his government etc, Modi said in a direct attack on Congress how one can never learn lessons in a democracy from “those who trampled over democracy in 1975.”

“When one family prevails over others in a political party, it is the political talent that suffers. Dynastic politics is the biggest threat to our democracy. I would suggest all parties, especially starting with Congress, to let go of dynastic politics,” Modi said.

Recalling remarks by Congress leaders, Modi said some members asked, if there was no Congress, what would happen? and went on a longish tirade: “I would like to state, if there was no Congress, there would have been no Emergency. If there was no Congress, there would have been no caste politics. If there had been no Congress, there would have been no Sikh massacre. If there was no Congress, Kashmiri Pundits would not have been thrown out of their homes.”

Modi took on the word ‘federalism’ as mentioned by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in his speech in the Parliament and said, “People talk of federalism, but they have forgotten, when Congress was in power, they did not allow India’s development. Now when they are in opposition, they are obstructing development.”

Continuing with the pronoun ‘they’ (Woh in Hindi as the Prime Minister spoke in Hindi) without taking any particular person’s name, Modi said, “Now they are objecting to the idea of nation. If they find the very idea of ‘nation’ as unconstitutional, why is their party called Indian National Congress? Why not change ‘national’ to ‘federal’?”

Modi even attacked Congress’ ‘historic’ track record while referring to the state of Goa that is set to vote for its new assembly on February 14.

This year is an important year for Goa which is celebrating 60 years of its Independence. “Our friends from Congress must be listening and people of Goa should definitely listen to what I want to say,” Modi said and suggested how the then Congress government could have utilized Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s strategy for Hyderabad or Junagarh to bring in Goa – which was under Portuguese rule till 1961 – into the Indian Union, then Goa would not have been under foreign rule for 15 years after India got Independence.

“The media reports from that time show us how the then Prime Minister Pandit Nehru was worried most about his image at international level. He (Nehru) had thought that attacking the imperial government of Goa would damage his image as a global, peace leader. Let Goa suffer,” Modi said.

“Hence, when the satyagrahis were facing bullets from the foreign tyrant rulers, India’s Prime Minister refused to send Indian Army for liberating the land which is very much a part of India. The Prime Minister refused to help the satyagrahis then,” the Prime Minister said, and reminded the people of Goa, “This is the kind of atrocity that Congress heaped on it because of which Goa gained independence 15 years later. Goa’s many young freedom fighters lost their lives, many suffered lathi charges.”

Congress members in the House had walked out by then. Modi said, it would have been good if the friends from Congress were here as I am reminding them of what (Pandit) Nehru said on August 15, 1955 from the ramparts of the Red Fort. “Nobody should be under the false impression that we are set to take military action in Goa. There is no Indian Army anywhere near Goa. By creating chaotic conditions, people from inside (Goa) want to create a situation where we would be forced to send an army, we will not send in our army. We want a peaceful negotiation.”

Modi also reminded how Nehru had spoken about the Satyagrahis from India going to Goa in a sarcastic tone but said, “if they want to call themselves as Satyagrahis, they should abide by the principles. Satyagrahis do not need an army; they don’t demand an army.”

“This is what Congress did to Goa. People of Goa will never forget it,” Modi said.

Taunting the Congress on its claims of ‘freedom of expression’ being trampled, Modi said, “I want to expose their claims with an example of Mangeshkar family that hails from Goa.”

The Prime Minister also recalled an incident narrated by Pandit Hrudaynath Mangeshkar, brother of Lata Mangeshkar, who passed away two days ago. Hrudaynath Mangeshkar was thrown out of his job at AIR for composing a patriotic poem penned by V.D. Savarkar. “Mangeshkar had said in an interview, Savarkar had warned him of consequences and yet he went ahead and composed it,” Modi said, adding, “He was thrown out of his job within eight days.”

This is what was done to a son from Goa, he said and recounted other names who also “bore the brunt of talking against or disagreeing with a particular family.”



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