Published On: Thu, Mar 10th, 2022

Poll mandate stamp of approval for BJP’s pro-poor governance: PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the Assembly poll results are a stamp of approval for the BJP’s pro-poor and pro-active governance.

Modi also thanked the women voters, who, he claimed, “played a major role in BJP’s landslide victories”

As per the Assembly election results declared on Thursday, the BJP is all set to form the government in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Manipur, while it is just one short of the majority mark in Goa. In Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has swept the polls with a thumping majority.

The Prime Minister also took a jibe at the poll pundits, saying that going by their logic, 2022’s results have paved the way for 2024 for the BJP.

“Earlier, people needed to run from pillar to post for basic amenities such as gas, power, water etc. The common man was denied what was his entitlement, but now, in the BJP regime, we have understood and delivered this to the common man,” Modi said, as he was greeted by hundreds of BJP workers at the party headquarters here after the results for the Assembly elections were declared.

Stating how over the last few years, his government has strengthened the governance delivery system and also brought in transparency in the process, Modi said, “The BJP has ensured that each and every poor man receives all the benefits that are due to him, and I will not rest till every single poor man gets his due.”

Modi recalled his more than two decades of “service for the people of Gujarat”, and said, “I know for sure the kind of problems one faces while running the government. I know the kind of troubles that one faces when running the government and I chose to translate it from the ramparts of the Red Fort by announcing the saturation of facilities to every single poor person in the country.”

It is possible only when one has honest methods, compassion towards the poor, and welfare of the poor as the priority, he said.

Modi also thanked the women voters, who, he claimed, “played a major role in BJP’s landslide victories”.

“We are blessed to get the blessings of women voters. It is the women voters who ensured BJP’s win across seats… They are the drivers of our victory,” the Prime Minister said.

“People ask me why don’t you care for your own safety while out in the field. I always say, ‘Why should I worry when I have the blessings of hundreds and thousands of mothers and sisters from India?’ This is because, for the first time, they are assured that our government takes care of their smallest needs,” Modi added.

Pointing out that the people of Uttar Pradesh were often looked at only through the lens of caste and by doing so, those people were insulting those castes, those people and also Uttar Pradesh, he said, “But the people of Uttar Pradesh have shown — be it on 2014, 2017 or now — UP always choses politics of development.”

The poorest of the poor from Uttar Pradesh taught this valuable lesson to the poll pundits that caste pride should not be used for breaking India, but for uniting the nation, Modi said, as he took a jibe at the poll pundits by saying, “They had said in 2019 when we returned to power that what is such a big deal, 2017 has sealed the fate for 2019. I am sure, they will now dare to say that the 2022 results have paved the way for 2024.”

Prime Minister flagged concerns over dynastic politics and also slammed those who raise questions on India’s abilities and those who bring in religion and caste in every issue.

He came down heavily on people, who try to stop action against the corrupt.

“There has been a conspiracy to stop action against corruption. Some people have the uncanny tendency of filing up their own treasure/chests. People of India are expecting from us (BJP) that our honest government will punish the corrupt. Should we not rise up to this expectation of the common people,” Prime Minister Modi asked to a loud cheering party workers, who were assembled to celebrate the party’s victory in four out of five Assembly elections.

“If we take any actions against the corrupt, these people, their ecosystem raise doubts about the institutions that are investigating cases of corruption and find out ways and means to demean the institutions for investigations. They even raise questions on the judicial institutions,” he added.

The Prime Minister also drew attention towards “those people who bring religion, region and caste just when any action is taken against the corrupt, when the judiciary gives out a decision.”

“I want to appeal the honest people to think if such corrupt people, such mafia can be and should be outcasted from their society, their caste and thus, strengthen the society as a whole,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi asserted that “one of the reasons of BJP’s massive win in Uttar Pradesh was a result of the development politics that has ensured corruption free reign.”

Earlier, the Prime Minister said, at a time when the common man is engaged in constructive work, “there are some who are busy downgrading that positive work.”

Without naming anyone, he said, “These people raised questions on our vaccination programme, largest in the world. Similarly, when there were hundreds of citizens stuck in Ukraine with their families anxiously waiting for their return, these very people tried to pin down the ‘Operation Ganga’ by colouring it with regionalism.”

In an opaque reference to Congress’ leadership of Gandhi family, Prime Minister Modi reminded the party workers that he has often cautioned people about dynastic politics (parivarvaad). “I told the people how I am not against a particular family but it is the dynastic politics that have hindered the progress of our nation and people have reciprocated positively on the issue.”

“People of India will ensure the end of dynastic politics one day. And the results today are an indication towards the same,” he asserted.

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