Published On: Sun, Mar 20th, 2022

Yogi govt to offer flour-spice mill units to women

Lucknow: The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh, in its second term, will focus on the upliftment of women living below the poverty line in the next five years.

The government has finalised the draft of the ‘flour-spice mills’ scheme

The government has finalised the draft of the ‘flour-spice mills’ scheme.

Immediately after the formation of the government, the Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation will start extending the benefits of this scheme to women of the state.

Under the scheme, women will be given the grant to set up a flour and spice mill unit. Along with giving them employment opportunities, the government will also ensure to make them strong to take care of their families.

Under the scheme of the government, as many as 125 women from each district of 18 divisional headquarters of the state will be benefited.

A total of 2,250 women will be able to establish their flour-masala mill unit under the scheme.

An amount of Rs 20,000 will be given to each woman for setting up the unit. In this, Rs 10,000 will be given as a grant and the remaining amount will be given as an interest-free loan from special central assistance.

Starting this scheme as a pilot project from two districts, 17 women beneficiaries have also been selected. In the rest of the districts, preparations for connecting women to the scheme will be started more rapidly.

In the last five years, the state government has made sincere efforts to make women living below the poverty line self-reliant and employed and to establish their planetary industries. Now, after the formation of the new government, these efforts will be implemented more rapidly in the villages.

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