Published On: Mon, Apr 22nd, 2024

BJD MP Pinaki Misra files defamation suit against lawyer Jai Anant Dehadrai

New Delhi: Biju Janata Dal’s Pinaki Misra has filed a defamation suit against advocate Jai Anant Dehadrai in Delhi High Court. Misra, the Lok Sabha MP from Puri, has accused Dehadrai of making false corruption allegations and calling him names.

Misra further claimed that Dehadrai had created a pseudonymous account on X

Misra has accused Dehadrai of making corruption allegations against him and calling him names like ‘Odia Babu’, ‘Dalal of Puri’, and ‘Canning Lane’.

Misra said in his suit that he shares a close friendship with Trinamool Congress leader Mahua Moitra, who is Dehadrai’s former partner.

He said in the suit that after Dehadrai and Moitra separated, Dehadrai made various allegations of bribery and corruption against her, where he also referred to Misra as “the MP from Orissa” and “a close associate of Mahua Moitra”.

According to Misra’s suit, Dehadrai has made “a barrage of allegations” not only against Moitra but against the persons with whom he shared a personal relationship.

Misra further claimed that Dehadrai had created a pseudonymous account on X and had posted “vile, malicious and per se defamatory allegations”, including using terms like “Canning Lane” and “Odia Babu to refer to Misra.

Two defamation suits, filed by Mahua Moitra against Jai Dehadrai and by Dehadrai against Moitra, are pending before the Delhi High Court.

When the court had last heard the defamation case filed by Jai Dehadrai, the court had made strong remarks against conduct on part of both Moitra and Dehadrai.

A bench of Justice Prateek Jalan had decided to not pass any orders on Monday on Dehadrai’s injunction plea, until written statements were filed on behalf of Moitra.

While pointing out that these feuds also give oxygen to the other, the Court had addressed counsels for both Moitra and Dehadrai and said, “You both will have to think about that. You are giving a forum to each other.”

The court had also told counsels for both parties to advise their clients to be careful.

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