‘Indian women diagnosed with more aggressive breast cancer very early’

New York: In a major US study, researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found that Indian and Pakistani women are diagnosed with breast cancer, including more aggressive forms of the disease, at a younger age. Indian and Pakistani women with breast cancer were more likely to be diagnosed at a younger age The study, published in the International More...

by Agencies | Published 12 hours ago
By Agencies On Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

High flavanol diet may lead to lower blood pressure

London: People who consume a diet having flavanol-rich foods and drinks such as tea, apple and berry juice, could have lower blood pressure, according to a new study. The main sources are tea, cocoa, apples and More...

By Agencies On Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Daily mouthwash may inactivate human coronaviruses

New York: In a fight against the novel coronavirus, scientists have found that certain oral antiseptics and mouthwashes may have the ability to inactivate human coronaviruses. Several of the mouthwash and gargle More...

By Agencies On Saturday, October 17th, 2020

Being couch potato actually sharpens your brain

New York: It is often advised not to sit for prolonged hours, but a new study has challenged the ‘couch potato’ belief, saying when it comes to the brain and cognition abilities, some sedentariness are More...

By Agencies On Saturday, October 17th, 2020

Blood group O associated with a decreased risk of Covid infection

New Delhi: Blood group O is associated with a decreased risk for contracting SARS-CoV-2 infection, research published in Blood Advances showed. When blood group O was excluded, no significant difference was seen More...

By Agencies On Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

Regular exercise in morning may cut cancer risk

London: If you want to live longer, read on. Researchers have found that that when physical activity is done in the morning throughout lifetime can reduce cancer risk. In men, the effect was similarly strong also More...

By Agencies On Sunday, October 11th, 2020

Covid virus can survive on phone screens for 4 weeks

Sydney: SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19 can remain infectious on surfaces for long periods of time as researchers at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s More...

By Agencies On Wednesday, October 7th, 2020

Liquid gel in Covid patients’ lungs may open way for new treatment

London: In some patients who died of Covid-19 and respiratory failure, a jelly was formed in the lungs and now researchers have established that the active agent in the jelly can be the key to new effective therapies. It More...

By Agencies On Friday, October 2nd, 2020

Drinking coffee before breakfast may up diabetes risk

London: If you’re taking coffee before breakfast, read this carefully. Researchers have found that drinking coffee first thing can have a negative effect on blood sugar control — a risk factor for diabetes More...

By Agencies On Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

Alcohol consumption rises sharply during Covid-19 pandemic

New York: Adults have sharply increased their consumption of alcohol during the shutdown triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, with women increasing their heavy drinking episodes by 41 per cent, say researchers. The More...

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