Published On: Sun, Mar 26th, 2023

Coast guard helicopter crashes near Cochin Airport, 2 injured

Cochin: A coast guard helicopter crashed near the Cochin international Airport on Sunday. Two persons were injured in the crash and were hospitalised for treatment. There were three people in the helicopter.

The fleet of ALH Dhruv choppers has been grounded since March 8

The accident took place during the take-off at a coast guard training session. As per sources, the helicopter moved out of the runaway. The incident took place at 12:30.

The incident happened while trying to take off for a training flight. The cause of the accident is not clear. The runway of Nedumbassery airport has been temporarily closed.

“An incident of forced landing of an ALH Dhruv Mark 3 helicopter of the Indian Coast Guard today took place in Kochi while the pilots of the force were testing the chopper. The chopper was at around 25 feet height when it had to make a forced landing. The ICG is working towards resuming the operations of the ALH Dhruv fleet,” said ICG officials.

The fleet of ALH Dhruv choppers has been grounded since March 8 after a Navy chopper met with an accident off the coast of Mumbai.

“CG 855, an ALH Mk III based at Kochi, got airborne from Cochin International Airport at about 1225 hours for inflight checks after fitment of control rods on aircraft. Prior to the inflight checks, the HAL and ICG Team had carried out extensive and satisfactory ground trials on 26 Mar 2023,” officials said.

Immediately after takeoff, when CG 855 was at about 30-40 ft above ground, the cyclic controls ( which controls longitudinal and lateral movement of aircraft) did not respond. Showing exemplary professionalism and presence of mind, the pilot with bare minimum controls maneuvered the aircraft away from the main runway to avoid blocking the runway at the international airport.

He thereafter, cushioned the landing to the extent possible in order to save the three souls onboard. The aircraft veered to the left and crashed onto the left side of main runway. All crew are safe. The aircraft has sustained damage to its rotors and airframe.

The Indian Coast Guard has ordered an inquiry, to investigate the cause of the accident.

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