Published On: Thu, Feb 23rd, 2023

EAM Jaishankar takes Dig at Pakistan, says ‘Its Basic Industry is Terrorism’

Pune: In an apparent attack on Pakistan, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Thursday said that “no country can come out of its problems and emerge prosperous if its basic industry is terrorism.

Terrorism is the fundamental issue of the India-Pakistan relationship

”Replying to a question on whether India will be helping its western neighbour facing troubles, EAM Jaishankar said terrorism is the fundamental issue of the India-Pakistan relationship, which one cannot avoid and “we cannot be in denial of the fundamental problems”.

“No country is ever going to come out of a difficult situation and become a prosperous power if its basic industry is terrorism,” he said at Asia Economic Dialogue here organised by the external affairs ministry.

“…If I were to look at any big decision I am making, I will also look at what is the public sentiment. I would have a pulse what do my people feel about it. And I think you know the answer,” he added.

In another event, EAM Jaishankar said the image of India today is that of a country that is willing to go to any extent to protect its national security. He further asserted that ‘no challenge is as sharp as that of national security’ and added, “India is a country that will neither be pushed out nor will it allow its basic bottom lines to be crossed.”

The External Affairs Minister also said the responsibility for the trade imbalance with China rests squarely on businesses as well, blaming Indian corporates for not developing the right sourcing arrangements. Speaking at the Asia Economic Dialogue here, Jaishankar said the government is doing its bit by bringing in policies like the thrust on Atmanirbhar Bharat and made it clear that the “massive external exposure” puts national security at threat.

Terming the challenge posed by the trade imbalance with China as very serious and formidable, the career bureaucrat turned politician said the responsibility here is not just of the government, but it is an equal responsibility of businesses as well. “Indian corporates have not developed the kind of backwards (integration), vendor supplies, components and parts, ingredients and intermediates that should be supporting us,” he said.

With lots of people, including former RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan, asking India to focus on services, Jaishankar warned that those who “do down” manufacturing are “actually damaging India’s strategic future”.

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