Published On: Mon, Jan 10th, 2022

Elections right Opportunity to defeat hatred: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: After announcement of five state elections, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that the elections are right opportunity to defeat hatred.

Nafrat ko harane ka sahi mauka hai

Rahul Gandhi in a tweet in Hindi on Monday said, “Nafrat ko harane ka sahi mauka hai.” (It is the right opportunity to defeat hatred).

The elections for five states were announced on Saturday in which BJP is ruling in four states and Congress has government in Punjab.

The Congress has been critical of hate campaigns and has been alleging that BJP is behind it. The party said, “Enough is enough. The #BJPHateFactory should come clean in front of the entire nation and lay bear the extent to which they have damaged our society. Otherwise, we will.”

The party posted series of tweets and said, “By categorically targeting individuals on the basis of gender, religion, region, occupation, physical attributes, etc, the #BJPHateFactory not only violates their privacy, not only violates their dignity, but also completely violates our Constitutional morality.”

“Here’s how #BJPHateFactory suppresses your right to freedom of expression & speech: If you are a citizen who dares to speak truth to power through SM, then an army of fake accounts generated through #TekFog is unleashed against you, threatening to destroy life as you know it,” it said.

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