Published On: Sun, Jan 28th, 2024

Empowered judicial system is a part of Viksit Bharat, says PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the government was modernising laws keeping in view the present context and in line with the best practices.

Today’s economic policies of India will form the basis of tomorrow’s bright India

Addressing the 75th anniversary celebrations of the Supreme Court here, he said that with the enactment of three new criminal justice laws, India’s legal, policing and investigative systems have entered a new era.

“It is important to ensure that the transition to new laws from the ones dating back to hundreds of years is smooth. In this regard, we have already started training and capacity building work for government employees,” the prime minister said. PM Modi urged the Supreme Court to come forward to work towards the capacity building of other stakeholders.

“An empowered judicial system is a part of Viksit Bharat. The government is working continuously and taking many decisions to form a trusted judicial system. The Jan Vishwas Bill is a step in this direction. In the future, this will reduce the unnecessary burden on the judicial system,” the prime minister said.

He said the Supreme Court has strengthened India’s vibrant democracy and given many important verdicts on individual rights, freedom of speech which have given new direction to the country’s socio-political milieu.

“Today’s economic policies of India will form the basis of tomorrow’s bright India. The laws being made in India today will further strengthen tomorrow’s bright India,” the prime minister said.

“Laws made today will brighten the future of India. With changes happening globally, the world’s eyes are set on India, as the world’s faith is growing stronger in India. In such times, it is important for India to take advantage of every opportunity given to us,” Modi said.

He also noted that last week the government had approved ₹ 800 crore for expansion of the Supreme Court building.

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