Published On: Mon, Jul 31st, 2023

Gyanvapi row: Yogi Adityanath tells Muslim side to accept ‘historical mistake’

New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has said that labeling Gyanvapi in Varanasi as a ‘mosque complex’ will only lead to controversy and that the Muslim side should accept its ‘historical mistake’.

There is eternal evidence present in Gyanvapi indicating that it was a Sanatan structure

Amid the ongoing row over Varansi’s Gyanvapi mosque, it is a big statement that has come from Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

In an interview with the news agency ANI, which was aired on Monday, Adityanath said that physical, scriptural, and other archaeological evidence inside the mosque should not be overlooked.

“If we call it a mosque, there will be a dispute. We should just call it Gyanvapi. I feel whoever has been blessed with sight by God, that person should see. What is a trishul (trident) doing inside a mosque? We did not put it there. There is security inside, there are Central forces, there is a jyotirlinga, and dev pratimas (idols),” Yogi Adityanath, who is also the head priest of Gorakhnath Mutt in Gorakhpur, told ANI Editor Smita Prakash.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityath has said that it would not be right to call Gyanvapi a mosque. CM Yogi asked that if it’s a mosque, what is Trishul doing inside Gyanvapi?

The chief minister said that there is eternal evidence present in Gyanvapi indicating that it was a Sanatan structure. CM Yogi said there are many proofs on the walls of Gyanvapi.

Sending a message to the Muslim community, CM Yogi Adityanath said that they should come forward with an initiative to rectify the historical mistake that has been committed. CM Yogi made the remarks in the latest podcast by the news agency ANI.

CM Yogi also said that the country will run according to the constitution and that every Indian should keep the nation above their religion. He was responding to a Samajwadi Party leader’s remark over ‘Vande Mataram’. “The country will be run by the constitution. Not by opinion or religion. I am a devotee of God but do not believe in any hypocrisy. Your opinion and your religion will be in your own way. Will be in your house, will be in your mosque, will be in your worship place. Not to perform on the street and you cannot impose it on others in any other way whatsoever. Nation First.. If someone wants to live in the country, then he has to consider the nation as paramount,” said CM Adityanath.

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