Published On: Thu, Sep 21st, 2023

‘Jab padhna hi nahi Hai to shock to lagega hi…’: Nadda ‘Roasts’ Rahul Gandhi in RS

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party president JP Nadda replied to Rahul Gandhi’s statement–three OBCs out of ninety secretaries in govt of India and said “How many secretaries were OBCs from 2004 to 2014? A leader will have to be a leader; tutor will not work out.”

The first OBC Prime Minister for India was given by BJP and NDA

JP Nadda in the Rajya Sabha said “In 1992 the Supreme Court said that you should give reservation to OBCs in All India Services. In 1995-96, the SC/ST and OBCs category joined the Services. Today, the cut-off year for the empanelment of secretaries is 1992. The secretaries present are the people before the 1992 batch. How many secretaries were OBC from 2004 to 2014? A leader will have to be a leader; tutored will not work out.”

Rahul Gandhi on September 21 in the Lok Sabha said “I was shocked to find out that out of 90 secretaries in govt of India, only three are OBCs. These secretaries only control 5 per cent of the budget. If the country’s budget is 44 lakh crore then 2.4 lakh crore controls it.” Further, JP Nadda said that the BJP is the only Party to give the country an OBC Prime Minister.

“The first OBC Prime Minister for India was given by BJP and NDA and that is Narendra Modi. They talk about OBC. Out of 303 BJP MPs, 85 are OBC which makes 29 percent. Out of 1358 MLAs, 27 percent are OBCs. Out of 163 MLCs, 40 percent are OBCs. We have more OBC MPs than the total number of Congress MPs in the Lok Sabha,” he added.

BJP President further praised the efforts and contributions of women in different sectors in the Country, also mentioning India’s space missions. “Be it science or economics, we are happy that today the women of our India have brought themselves into leading roles. Today if we talk about ISRO which Jairam Ramesh also talked about yesterday. Be it the Mars mission, be it Chandrayaan mission, be it Aditya L-1, there is a big contribution of women scientists in all of them,” JP Nadda said.

“After the freedom, we have 12 women Chief Ministers. There are many countries which have struggled for a long time for women’s voting rights but, it was our good fortune that women were given equal status in the first general elections in our country,” he added. Nadda also mentioned former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in his address and said “It was also our good fortune that we got a woman Prime Minister before many other countries.”

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