Published On: Mon, Dec 25th, 2023

Kalyan Banerjee mimics V-P Dhankhar again

New Delhi: Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Kalyan Banerjee has once again stirred controversy by mimicking Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar again, escalating tensions between the BJP and the Opposition.

Banerjee clarified that he did not intend to harm anyone

Unfazed by the uproar during the winter session of Parliament, Banerjee defended his actions, this time in West Bengal, labelling it as an “art performance” and asserting his right to express views freely.

Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched a scathing attack on Banerjee, accusing the TMC of ‘arrogance’ reaching its zenith in West Bengal. Despite the criticism, Banerjee remained defiant, declaring his intent to persist with the mimicry and challenging the Centre to arrest him.

Responding to the defiance, Pradhan stated, “No one is jailed for being uncultured,” highlighting the perceived arrogance in the TMC. In a bold move, Banerjee dared the Centre to imprison him over the mimicry, escalating the tension between the ruling party in West Bengal and the BJP.

Undeterred, Banerjee, speaking at an event in West Bengal, reiterated his commitment to mimicking Dhankhar, terming it an ‘art form.’ In a direct challenge to the Centre, he called for potential imprisonment, raising questions about the boundaries of freedom of expression in the political arena.

Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar, the subject of the mimicry, expressed his perspective, asserting his role as a ‘sufferer’ despite holding one of the highest public offices. Dhankhar emphasized the need for integrity and high ethical standards, acknowledging the pressures faced in the service of Bharat Mata (mother India).

In the face of criticism, Banerjee clarified that he did not intend to harm anyone, expressing respect for Vice President Dhankhar due to their shared background in law. He emphasized his admiration for Dhankhar’s former role as the governor of West Bengal and his current position as Vice President.


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