Published On: Fri, Oct 14th, 2022

Karnataka CM holds Congress responsible for development taking ‘backseat’

Ballari: Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Thursday launched a scathing attack on the Congress stating that the development of the state “took a backseat” due to 50 years of rule by the party.

Congress party during its regime had done corruption on the land, sky and the lower world

He also alleged that the state was forfeited to the party`s high command. Speaking after inaugurating Jan Sankalp Yatra in Siruguppa Town here, Bommai said, “the Congress party has been doing Bharat Jodo yatra and in fact, that party cannot take pro-people policies but has indulged in power politics. When in power they developed themselves and forgot the people completely. A former Congress minister has openly admitted how they will be in power and out of power.”

“The development of Karnataka took a backseat due to 50 years of ruling by the Congress party, and they forfeited the state to its high command. Without caring for the self-respect of Karnataka, they did politics just for the sake of power. The people will permanently send them back home in 2023,” he added.

The Chief Minister dubbed the Congress party`s government as 85 per cent government. “The then PM Rajiv Gandhi had said if Rs 100 is sent from Delhi only Rs 15 will reach the village and that means Rs 85 will be lost in pilferage en route. At that time, the Congress party was in power in the Centre and also in Karnataka. His son, Rahul Gandhi is more intelligent than him. But in the current system, 100 per cent of all the schemes implemented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reach the beneficiaries due to the Direct Benefit Transfer system,” he said.

Levelling the charges of corruption against Congress, Bommai said that the party was indulged in it “from top to bottom”.

“Congress party during its regime had done corruption on the land, sky and the lower world. The sky scam means 2G scandal, Commonwealth and Coal scams are land and lower world scandals respectively. The party that indulged in corruption from top to bottom. People have not forgotten corruption during the previous Congress government in tank filling schemes, minor irrigation, water resources, Gangakalyana to name a few,” he said.

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