Published On: Mon, Mar 13th, 2023

Marriage a matter of policy, not interfering in personal lives: Kiren Rijiju

New Delhi: Law Minister Kiren Rijiju stated on Monday that while the government does not “disturb” the personal freedom and actions of individuals, the problem relating to the institution of marriage was one of policy, a day after the Center rejected the Supreme Court’s legal recognition of same-sex marriage.

Personal freedom and personal activities of individuals of the citizens are never being disturbed, regulated

Rijiju responded to a query regarding the Center’s stance before the Supreme Court by saying, “The government is not interfering in the personal life, personal activities of anybody. So there should be no confusion. When it comes to an issue related to the institution of marriage, then it is a matter of policy.”

“Personal freedom and personal activities of individuals of the citizens are never being disturbed, regulated, questioned by the government. You must be very clear about it. There is a clear distinction,” he told reporters outside the Parliament.

A number of requests for legal recognition of same-sex marriage have been contested by the Centre in the Supreme Court on the grounds that doing so would completely upset the delicate balance between personal law and widely held social norms.

The petitioners cannot assert a basic right for same-sex marriage to be recognised under national legislation, it ruled, despite Section 377 of the Indian Criminal Code being decriminalised.

The Centre asserted in its affidavit that neither uncodified personal laws nor codified statutory laws recognise nor acknowledge the institution of marriage between two people of the same gender.

Non-heterosexual marriages, unions, and interpersonal relationships between members of society are not recognised by the State, but they are not illegal, according to the statement.

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