Published On: Thu, Mar 23rd, 2023

Partha Chatterjee levels charges against Dilip Ghosh, Sujan Chakraborty, Suvendu Adhikari

Kolkata: Former minister of education in Mamata Banerjee’s government in Bengal, Partha Chatterjee has identified three opposition party leaders prior to testifying in court.

Many things happen when the brain is disturbed

He asserted that the people who sent him the names of different candidates for positions are all the leaders who are currently talking ‘Big’. Mamata Banerjee’s former cabinet minister also claimed, “I received a lot of inquiries, but I politely declined to help because I am not a boss. I can’t even offer assistance because that would be unlawful.”

The former education minister also named Dilip Ghosh, Suvendu Adhikari, and Sujan Chakraborty by name. He said, “Let me be clear- Dilip Babu, Shuvendu Adhikari, and Sujan Chakraborty are talking big! Look at them. In North Bengal, what did they do? Read the Comptroller and Auditor General’s 2009–2010 Report.”

However, Dilip Ghosh, a BJP MP and party All India vice president, responded to Partha’s allegation by saying, “Going to jail has upset his mind. At the period you mentioned, I was not involved in politics. The mastermind of the saradha scam forced one letter to be penned long before to disparage us. Partha is now given the same responsibility. All of these plans won’t be effective. These strategies are all useless. I’ll go to prison if there is evidence. However, he was detained alongside his girlfriend. Everyone has seen the pile of cash.”

Sujan Chakraborty, the leader of the CPIM, said, “Many things happen when the brain is disturbed. His wiring is malfunctioning. Where was Partha in 2009–2010, to talk about that period? I believe he was not a part of govt at that time.”

Today, Partha Chatterjee’s bail hearing in the recruitment-corruption case took place in Alipore at the special CBI court. On March 16, Partha folded his hands and begged the judge to allow him to talk for five minutes. What will the former minister of education say today in court? On that, all eyes will be. Additionally, the CBI will submit a request for custody of former SSC advisor Shantiprasad Sinha in the job dispute involving the daughter of former minister Paresh Adhikari, Ankita Adhikari, today. Along with Partha Chatterjee, today’s judicial appearances also include SP Sinha, Subiresh Bhattacharya, Kuntal Ghosh, and Tapas Mondal.

Partha Chatterjee, the former minister of education who was implicated in the SSC recruitment scam, identified three opposition party leaders in the state before testifying in court. Sujan Chakraborty, Dilip Ghosh, and Suvendu Adhikari are the leaders of the CPM, BJP, and respectively. According to the event, the accusations made by Partha were also visible in Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh’s tweet 18 minutes prior to Partha’s address. Though the identity of another BJP leader was present in that tweet, Partha never once did utter that name.

“Education recruitment debate: Did Dilip Ghosh, Sujan Chakraborty, Shuvendu Adhikari, Shamik Bhattacharya and a few others recommend jobs?” Kunal tweeted at 11:42 a.m. on Thursday. Partha Chatterjee, the former minister of education said, “Allow an inquiry to take place. The central authority should exercise neutrally.” Let us inform you that, in the Trinamool inner circle, the Partha-Kunal equation is not particularly “sweet”. On a number of instances, Kunal publicly made “unkind” remarks about Partha on a “personal level.” As expected, curiosity has been sparked by the fact that three of the four names in Kunal’s tweet mirrored Partha’s claim.

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