Published On: Fri, May 5th, 2023

PM Modi backs ‘The Kerala Story’, hits out at Congress for hobnobbing with terror outfits

Bellari: Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally spoke on the controversial film ‘The Kerala Story’ and said the film is based on a terror conspiracy. He made this comments during an rally election rally in Karnataka’s Ballari.

Congress is even making dealings with such terror forces behind the door

Addressing the rally, PM Modi supported the film and said the movie shows the ugly truth of terror and exposes the terror.

” These days, there is a lot of discussion about ‘The Kerala Story’. This film has exposed the terror forces in just one state that is Kerala. The film has exposed the terrorism and this is unfortunate that Congress is seen standing with such terrorist forces for vote ban politics,” said PM Modi while speaking in Ballari.

He added, “This is not the end here. The Congress is even making dealings with such terror forces behind the door. The people of Karnataka need to be cautious with Congress.”

Earlier in the day, the Kerala High Court refused to put a stay on the movie and cleared its way to big screens. The Kerala High Court`s decision came a day after the Supreme Court refused to entertain a string of petitions, including the one filed by the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, against the film`s release.

The top court had asked the petitioners to approach the appropriate high court.

However, early this week, amid the raging controversy surrounding the film, the producers of the film on Tuesday realised what`s in store and changed the introduction in the text of the film in the its latest teasers that came out on YouTube.

In the text, they revised the number of women gone missing. From around 32,000, they changed it to three women who after being brainwashed, converted and were sent for terror missions in India and abroad.

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