Published On: Fri, Feb 23rd, 2024

PM Modi slams INDI alliance for opposing welfare schemes for dalits, backwards’

Varanasi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed the statue of Sant Ravidas in Varanasi on Friday. He also paid homage to the saint by visiting his birthplace and said that his teachings advocate against caste and creed divisions within society.

Whenever the country is in need, some saint, sage or great personality is born in India

PM also took a dig at the ‘INDI alliance and said that it works for their ‘parivar’ (family) not the welfare of the poor.

Addressing public function commemorating the 647th birth anniversary of Sant Guru Ravidas, PM Modi said that the teachings of saints guide us through every age, serving as both a beacon and a cautionary tale.

“Ravidas ji eloquently conveyed that many individuals become ensnared in the divisions of caste and creed, a plight that detrimentally affects humanity. Discriminating against others based on these factors only perpetuates harm upon our collective existence,” said PM Modi

Accusing the opposition of doing selfserving politics in the name of caste welfare, PM cautioned the Dalits and backwards of the society against the INDI Alliance which “opposes the policies that are for their welfare.”

“Dalits and marginalized communities of the nation to recognize that the INDI Alliance, proponents of inciting conflict and division along caste lines, vehemently oppose policies aimed at the betterment of Dalits and backward classes. In reality, their actions reflect a self-serving political agenda masquerading as caste welfare,” said PM Modi. He said that the INDI alliance works for their ‘parivar’ (family) not the welfare of the poor.

PM further stated that equality comes only by giving priority to the deprived society and that his government has been committed to serving every section of society and their development

“In the last 10 years, work has been done keeping in mind those people who remained away from the stream of class development. Earlier, the poor were considered last, today the biggest schemes have been made for them,” he said.

“Being the MP here and being the public representative of Kashi, it is my special responsibility to take special care of your facilities. I am happy that I have got the opportunity to fulfil these responsibilities on the birth anniversary of Saint Ravidas Ji,” the Prime Minister added.

PM Modi said that Sant Ravidas presented society with the importance of freedom and also worked to bridge the social divide. “High caste, untouchability, discrimination. He raised his voice against all this. India has a history that whenever the country is in need, some saint, sage or great personality is born in India. Saint Ravidas ji was a great saint of the Bhakti movement, who gave new energy to the weak and divided India,” PM Modi said.

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