Published On: Wed, May 3rd, 2023

PM Modi targets Congress in Karnataka, says, ‘It protects masterminds of terror’

Mulki: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday made a frontal attack on the Congress and said the entire politics of the main opposition party is based on the “divide and rule” policy, and charged it with going across the world defaming the country when India’s democracy and development were being “appreciated and respected globally”.

The BJP government is giving policy support to the startup ecosystem

Calling Congress the “enemy of peace and development”, the Prime Minister also accused the party of insulting and abusing India’s defence forces. “Congress is an enemy of peace and development. When Congress is there, investors will flee. Congress protects ‘aakas’ (boss) of terror, they encourage appeasement,” PM Modi said.

Addressing a public meeting here in Dakshina Kannada district of coastal Karnataka, which is a BJP stronghold, he said the Congress’s only identity was “appeasement politics”. “Will you (people) allow such a Congress to come to power, will you allow Karnataka to get ruined?”

The PM continued by saying, “Across the country whichever state wants peace and development, the first thing people there do is to oust Congress from there. If there is peace in society and the country is progressing, Congress cannot sit peacefully or will not be able to digest it. Congress’s entire politics is based on divide and rule policy.”

Alleging that Congress tried to save those who were arrested for conspiring to spread terror, PM Modi claimed that it not only withdrew cases against such anti-social elements but also released them.

The “reverse-gear” Congress also takes electoral help from anti-national forces, the Prime Minister further alleged. Noting that the whole country respected and honoured the defence forces, PM Modi claimed that the Congress insulted and abused the military brass and soldiers.

“The whole world appreciates and respects India’s democracy and development,” he said, “but the Congress is going across the world defaming the country.” “America, Australia, Japan, UK…In every corner of the world, India is being appreciated or not? Why?… It is not because of Modi, it is happening because of your (people’s) votes. It’s the strength of your votes, which formed a strong and stable government in Delhi,” he added.

Talking about the development, the Prime Minister said, “We want Karnataka to become number one in industrial and agriculture development, fisheries and port. We are working on it.” He claimed that the Congress wanted to make Karnataka the “number one ATM” for its ‘shahi parivar’ (royal family) sitting in Delhi.

Karnataka BJP president Nalin Kumar Kateel and Union Minister Shobha Karandlaje among other BJP leaders were present at the rally. PM Modi also cautioned that the Congress that “takes 85 per cent commission in every programme or scheme” would take Karnataka back by decades and “bury it in a pit”. “People of Karnataka have to be very cautious about Congress, JD(S) are also similar kinds of people,” he said.

The Prime Minister urged people to bring in BJP with a “full majority and strong and stable government in Karnataka”, for it to be “praised and respected across the country and the globe”.

Speaking in this coastal town, PM Modi also highlighted the various programmes of BJP governments at the state and Centre for the welfare of fishermen and the fisheries sector, including inland fisheries. Stating that India had the world’s third largest startup ecosystem today, PM Modi said the country had about one lakh startups and nearly a hundred unicorns.

“The BJP government is giving policy support to the startup ecosystem. We are working on preparing lakhs of young innovators for the future,” he said.

Pointing out that India had reached the fifth position among major global economies under the BJP govt, surpassing the UK that had colonised us, the Prime Minister said, “This is the Modi government which put England behind and came to the fifth position… I want your support to now reach the third position among global economies. I need Karnataka’s support in this effort.”

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