Published On: Sun, Jan 8th, 2023

Radar-equipped drones deployed on LoC to detect invisible tunnels

Jammu: The Border Security Force (BSF) has used drone-mounted ground penetration radars for the first time to check for the presence of underground tunnels used by terrorists to enter the India-Pakistan International Border in the Jammu region, officials said.

These structures have also been used to transport drugs, weapons, and ammunition

The indigenously-made technological device was recently put to use in this regard as part of the force’s below-the-earth tunnel detecting exercise to ensure that no terrorist may slip into Indian territory and conduct attacks in Jammu and Kashmir or elsewhere in the country.

These structures have also been used to transport drugs, weapons, and ammunition. The BSF has discovered at least five underground tunnels along the 192-kilometre Jammu front.

According to official data, two such cross-border tunnels were discovered in 2020 and 2021, respectively, while one was discovered last year, and all of them were discovered in Jammu’s Indreshwar Nagar sector.

“The force has procured a smart technical tool to counter the menace of underground tunnels that have been reported regularly along the Jammu region of the India-Pakistan IB. More than one drone-mounted ground penetration radar has been deployed in the region to check these clandestine structures used by terrorists to infiltrate into India from Pakistan,” a senior BSF officer was reported saying.

Officials on the ground stated the radars currently in use were developed by an Indian manufacturer and work by producing strong radio waves to detect the presence of tunnels beneath the earth and map their length.

While the specifics of the radars cannot be revealed, additional capabilities have been added to the BSF surveillance equipment to aid ground soldiers in anti-tunnelling exercises.

Its effectiveness is still being researched, according to officials. They stated the radars are put on the drones to allow them better access to terrain along this front that is tough for ground forces to reach.

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