Published On: Fri, Dec 30th, 2022

Shocking details emerge in NIA chargesheet against PFI

Hyderabad: The Popular Front of India (PFI) organised terror training camps and recruited people for terrorist acts, according to the National Investigation Agency’s (NIA) charge sheet presented Monday to a special court in Hyderabad.

The NIA filed a charge sheet against 11 persons on Friday

Investigations have shown that the accused were using speeches that were loaded with anger and venom towards the Indian government as well as other organisations and people to radicalise, brainwash, and attract naïve Muslim youth into the PFI, as per the NIA.

They were sent to training camps after being accepted into PFI, where they were taught how to use knives, sickles, and iron rods to kill a person by attacking body parts like the throat, stomach, and head as well as to carry out terror acts. These training camps were disguised as yoga and physical education classes.

The NIA filed a charge sheet against 11 persons on Friday, about six months after a case was first registered in the matter in Telangana.

Telangana police first registered the case on July 04 earlier this year in the Nizamabad district. The case was later re-registered by the NIA on August 26 in the matter against PFI.

PFI was also reportedly forming, educating, and sustaining Hit Squads in several States and districts to go after community leaders and people. Mohammed Mubarak, a member and trainer for the PFI Martial Arts and Hit Squad, was detained by the NIA. He works as an attorney in the Kerala High Court.

Yesterday, NIA raided 58 places of PFI in Kerala and got many important incriminating documents and material, along with weaponry, and such things. According to an NIA official, some PFI leaders were trying to re-establish PFI by changing its name, after getting information about which this action was taken.

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