Published On: Fri, Jun 16th, 2023

Telangana CM KCR wades into Uniform Civil Code row

Nagpur: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has said that there is no role for religious gurus in politics and said that such religious leaders should limit themselves to Mutts, instead of “infiltrating” into politics and giving their opinions on the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). The BRS chief also accused the central government of involving religious figures in politics.

Law Commission has given 30 days to the respondents to present their views on the UCC

The Telangana chief minister and chief of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) said this on Thursday at a press conference after inaugurating his party’s office in Nagpur. He also held a meeting of the party as part of efforts to expand in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. The remarks by Telangana chief minister also known as KCR came in the wake of the Law Commission on Wednesday solicited views and suggestions on the Uniform Civil Code from the public and recognised religious organisations.

Asked about the UCC, the Telangana chief minister said, “From where they (Centre) are bringing dharma gurus (religious leaders) into politics?” “Religious leaders should run Mutts, conduct worship and perform yagnas, they are creating a lot of ruckus in the country by infiltrating into politics,” the BRS leader said.

“Seers have no business in uniform civil code and so they should stay in the Mutts and worship. We will see when Modi brings the Uniform Civil Code, there is no need to think about it from now only. We want to bring change in the country and there is no rush for it, whether we will win or lose elections, but our fight will continue till the change comes,” said KCR.

The Law Commission has given 30 days to the respondents to present their views on the UCC. The 22nd Law Commission of India is among other things examining the Uniform Civil Code on a reference sent by the Ministry of Law & Justice, officials said on Wednesday. Meanwhile, accusing the BJP-led Central government for misusing central agencies, KCR said: “BJP government at the Centre is misusing the central agencies and it is not appropriate to end political parties in such a manner in a democracy. There is no need for privatization of power as it causes losses.”

When KCR was asked whether the BRS was acting as “B team of the BJP”, he said: “It does not matter to us who gains and who loses, it has become a fashion in this country these days, when a party comes forward, call it B team, call it C team, call it A team, such a spectacle is created. There is no meaning to this, those who say this will keep saying that our work will be for the public, for the benefit of the public.”

When asked if he will join the opposition meeting in Patna on June 23, he said, that “it has not been decided yet, once a decision is be made I will tell you.” Telangana will go to polls by the end of this year.

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