Published On: Tue, Jul 6th, 2021

Tisca Chopra promotes her book ‘What’s Up With Me?’

Mumbai: Actress Tisca Chopra took to social media on Tuesday and shared a couple of video clips promoting her book “What’s Up With Me?” The book was released in March and is now available online.

In the second video she shared reactions of young readers of the book

In the first video Tisca is seen talking about teenage girl issues like puberty, periods and teenage emotions. In the second video she shared reactions of young readers of the book.

“It’s #2021 and in some homes girls still can’t enter the kitchen, some places of worship won’t allow girls in and a few still believe that pickles will spoil if a girl is on her period .. Don’t you think it time to stop the crap??! What’s Up With Me .. is for girls but also for families to read together, so we can all be educated about the most normal of the female body’s functions .. Knowledge after all, is power .. Get your copy now- link in bio,” she wrote on Instagram.

Tisca, who is also a mother and filmmaker, penned down friendly, sensible and practical ideas on everything from changes in a girl’s body to pimples and periods, health and hygiene to safety and self-worth, relationships and boys to emotions in the book.

Dressed in an olive-green outfit, the actress said in the video: “The reason I wrote ‘What’s Up With Me?’ is because even today when I go to a chemist shop in Mumbai, he will wrap my sanitary napkins or Tampons in a brown paper bag or a newspaper. I am like why you are doing that — are you selling me a bomb or a gun, what’s so embarrassing. But that’s the way we deal with periods. I can really imagine what young girls and pre-teens must be dealing with. It’s a time of confusion when it comes to the right kind of bra or pimples and what kind products are available for menstruation? There is so much knowledge and information. So much has changed since we have been growing up. But, this information isn’t easily available. So, I have tried to put all that information in ‘What’s up with me?’ which is now available online.”

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