Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2023

China’s aggressive actions forced India change its strategic posture to join Quad: Mike Pompeo

Washington: Former United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has claimed that China’s aggressive actions forced India to change its strategic posture and join the four-nation Quad grouping. He also mentioned Galwan clash, India’s ban on Chinese apps and border stand off in his new book.

Pompeo said that India still charts its own course without a true alliance system

Simmering tensions between India and China intensified following the deadly clash in Galwan Valley in Eastern Ladakh in June, 2020. The two countries have also been locked in border standoff in eastern Ladakh for over 31 months.

Mike Pompeo made the claim in his new book ‘Never Give an Inch: Fighting for the America I Love’ and termed India a “wild card” in Quad. He stated that India founded on socialist ideology and spent the Cold War aligning with neither the US nor the erstwhile USSR.

Pompeo said that India still charts its own course without a true alliance system but “China’s actions have caused India to change its strategic posture.”

Further, he also claimed that it was Donald Trump administration that succeeded in bringing India on board the Quad grouping. The long pending proposal of setting up the Quad was finally approved and US, Japan, India and Australia came together to counter China’s aggressive behaviour in the resource-rich Indo-Pacific region.

“China forged a close partnership with Pakistan — India’s arch rival — as one of the first steps in its Belt and Road Initiative,” Pompeo wrote in his book.

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Mentioning the Galwan clash, he said that the incident caused the Indian public to demand a change in their country’s relationship with China. As part of the response, India banned TikTok and dozens of Chinese apps.

“I was sometimes asked why India had moved away from China, and my answer came straight from what I heard from Indian leadership: ‘Wouldn’t you?’ times were changing — and creating an opportunity for us to try something new and pull the US and India more closely together than ever,” Pompeo wrote.

Mike Pompeo, in his book, also claimed that he was awakened to speak to his then Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj who told him that Pakistan was preparing for a nuclear attack in the wake of the Balakot surgical strike in February 2019 and India is preparing its own escalatory response.

“I do not think the world properly knows just how close the India-Pakistan rivalry came to spilling over into a nuclear conflagration in February 2019. The truth is, I don’t know precisely the answer either; I just know it was too close,” Pompeo wrote.

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