Published On: Sun, Dec 18th, 2022

Kashmiri activist Yana Mir silences Pakistani journalist over border dispute

New Delhi: India and Pakistan’s boundary dispute related to Kashmir has been there for decades and yet a resolution has not been achieved primarily due to the neighbouring country encouraging terrorism and illegally occupying a part of the Kashmir valley. However, Pakistan never accepts its mistake and thus, is required to be reminded of it time and again.

Then again you go to the international forum and claim that she is not happy with her husband

In one such instance, Kashmir activist and journalist Yana Mir showed a mirror to Pakistani journalist Fakhar Yousafzai. Mir made the remarks during a video debate with Pakistani journalists Fakhar Yousafzai and Arzoo Kazmi.

During the debate, Yousafzai remarked that both India and Pakistan are not willing to resolve the Kashmir issue, particularly India as it keeps saying terrorism and dialogue cannot go together. He remarked that the Kashmir dispute is not the only border dispute in the world and there have been many bigger border disputes that have been resolved.

To this, Yana Mir drew an analogy of a happy couple and a one-sided lover to make Yousafzai understand the Kashmir situation. “Fakhar saheb, suppose you are in love with a girl who is married to somebody. And you repeatedly go to the international forums to claim that she is not happy with her husband. No, no, she is not happy with her husband. Then the girl comes and says, who is this Fakhar Yousafzai to say that as I am very happy with my husband. Why is he after my life? Then again you go to the international forum and claim that she is not happy with her husband. She should be with me,” said Mir.

She further added, “You claim that her rights were snatched away, and she was married forcefully but the lady is claiming everywhere that she is happy with her husband. Now tell me, how will this dispute get resolved? Now, the husband will say,- ‘who is this man? I will cut him into pieces and bring his wife as well’. This is why the POK issue is being raked up.”

Reacting to the video, Lt Gen (Retd) KJS Dhillon said that the last line is future truth.

This left the Pakistani journalists speechless. While Kashmir people have time and again shown their trust in being with India, Pakistan has been inciting and radicalising youths in the valley to make them stand against India.

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