Published On: Tue, Dec 27th, 2022

Ravinder Jadeja praises Rivaba’s stand on RSS and its ideology

New Delhi: Indian cricketer Ravinder Jadeja has praised his wife Rivaba Jadeja for her stand on RSS.

Rivaba Jadeja had won from the Jamnagar North constituency in Gujarat on a BJP ticket

The all-rounder heaped praises on his wife for her knowledge about the RSS and for upholding the “Indian culture and values” of the society while Rivaba spoke at an event on Monday.

The video of Rivaba speaking about RSS and its ideology was posted by Jadeja on his Twitter handle yesterday.

Taking to Twitter Ravinder Jadeja said, “It’s so good to see your knowledge about the RSS. An organisation which promotes the ideals of upholding Indian culture and the values of our society. Your knowledge and hardwork is what sets you apart. Keep it up.”

Rivaba Jadeja had won from the Jamnagar North constituency in Gujarat on a BJP ticket during the assembly elections in Gujarat last month.

Meanwhile, Congress has accused the BJP of capturing everything, including sports.

Congress leader Rashid Alvi said, “Not only sports but the entire film industry and everywhere, the Bharatiya Janata Party has created a such an environment that everybody is trying to keep these BJP leaders happy. Only because most of them are scared of the income tax department and other agencies, which are being governed by this government. All the agencies have become toys and they are playing with them. This is the reason people are scared and they just want to keep the BJP happy.”

On the other hand, BJP hit back at Congress saying that RSS ideology is being praised because it upholds Indian culture and values and there’s nothing wrong if anybody praises the RSS.

BJP MP Rakesh Sinha said, “The RSS ideology is now being acknowledged by various sections of the Indian society. Whether they are sportsmen, businessmen, or common people, everybody is supporting the ideology. RSS ideology stands for patriotic zeal among the people and they keep nation first.”

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