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Why advertise with us?

The rot that is mushrooming under the system needs to be dug up if we are looking towards a prosperous future. With so much spoken about corruption and numerous protests, we felt there is still need for a robust media coverage that actually looks beyond the conventional way of reporting. IndiLeak is an endeavour to relish that belief that things can change if they are exposed to the public. The rot can be cleaned if the people come to know about it.

In this regard, IndiLeak is born and the response has been tremendous. We clock more than 200 unique page visits daily and it is growing rapidly. The brand IndiLeak is now becoming the talk of the town and with our first expose on June 14, we are sure that the brand will only move forward. This gives our advertisers opportunity to connect with a brand that is working towards a cause and that is a strong believer of a cleaner system.

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There is option for innovative ads as well. Contact us for full details.

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